Duradrain’s use expands to Central, North and Eastern Europe

Having worked with our partners IDS (www.ids-group.nl) for over two years, the interest created in Belgium, Holland and Denmark has spread to many other countries in Central, North and Eastern Europe.


Dura Product’s production facility in Romania is well positioned to supply these new markets with a product and system already covered by a fully Harmonised European Standard (EN1433). Dura Products offer many environmental benefits and the closer we supply from source, the greater the benefits will be, especially in terms of the carbon footprint.


We have recently supplied projects in Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and Sweden and have just secured a first project in Australia. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, Duradrain is a shallow but effective linear drainage solution that provides an additional kerb/roadside boundary, so very often, it proves to be an optimum solution both in cost and performance.


We have found the benefits of Dura Products, in terms of performance and environmentally, translate across regions, countries and continents.