Truro Park & Ride, Cornwall

Truro 1 of 1 IMG 0882 IMG 0880
Truro 1 of 1 IMG 0882 IMG 0880

In 2015 Cornwall Council and the Duchy of Cornwall collaborated to add a second Truro Park and Ride site, this time on the east of the city to connect with the Langarth site finished in 2008.

Durakerb has been installed along the access road into the site from the new junction on Union Hill and was inspected last year. The road is trafficked by both the customers cars and the buses that service the route.

Our HAPAS/BBA certification has been in place since 2008 and unlike other recycled plastic products available on the market back in 2015, our units have proven durability in that they maintain their shape and performance over time in service.

This Scheme received a CEEQUAL Excellent award (83%) sustainability rating with a SuDS system and balancing ponds around the site.

With Durakerb recycled plastic kerb saving 30,676 kg of carbon for every 1000mtrs of Durakerb installed, (PAS2050 – Sustain Ltd) this was a great choice for both sustainability and durability.