Durachannel follows in the footsteps of Duradrain & Durakerb

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IMG 1654 min IMG 1672 min

Innovation should be an ongoing and ever improving cycle nurtured by governments, companies, regulation and the industry as a whole, by being open and accepting of new products and methods of construction.

European Harmonised Standards are there specifically for that reason but we understand there is still a reluctance to be the first, to adopt new products without first seeing that someone else has.

Durachannel is the latest Dura Product to be introduced, and like its forerunners, Durakerb & Duradrain, its success stems from the first users, companies out there prepared to adopt and thereby encourage innovation which sets an example that others can then follow.

This project is one of many in the UK to install Durachannel as a lightweight, one depth, low carbon, recycled and recyclable solution to surface drainage. Managed by North Star Estates for Eric Wright Construction, Durachannel was installed within the main car parks, with Duradrain combined kerb and drainage units installed around the new electric charge points