A191 Silverlink North

A191 Silverlink2 A191 Silverlink A191 Silverlink3 A191 Silverlink4
A191 Silverlink2 A191 Silverlink A191 Silverlink3 A191 Silverlink4

Installed in sections in 2017 and early 2018, Durakerb has been used along the kerb lines which transition through areas with variable function and risk. Highway environments like this are generally the toughest due to the volumes of traffic and frequency of accidental impact.

Durakerb units are designed to blend with the traditional. They are designed to match the performance and aesthetic of standard kerbs therefore it is not evident to users that within this project, a considerable quantity of recycled and recyclable polymeric material is fixed within the kerb line, ready for future reclaim and re-use.

The alignment and spacers mean the unit’s face to face contact is free of damage. The range of fittings now available allow install through pedestrian and vehicle crossings and most highway design features and structures.

The most demanding of sections are generally at over-runs, external corners and at the main junctions and roundabouts. This project has a number of external corners and exposed junctions where impact is frequent and at speed.

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